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Business Interiors aligns itself with innovative manufacturers dedicated to the research and development of technology-enabled architecture. While today’s business processes demand efficient use of space, access and use of technology is also essential. We’re committed to providing interior solutions that emphasize adaptable and sustainable products.


We incorporate moveable walls, glass store fronts, access floors, modular power and cabling, and sound masking. Our Architectural Solutions team ensures quick installation and structure stability. The team averages 28 years of industry experience from preliminary planning to field execution. We have the proven processes, tools and resources essential for successful completion of every customized infrastructure.


Business Interiors utilizes the most current tools for specification and visual detailing. We can produce or convert drawings into detailed specifications and accurate order processing. Our planning tools support the changeable nature of the product enabling ease of future expansion.

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Walls | Store Fronts

Architectural and demountable walls define space while providing a sense of permanence. The variety of materials available can be used to create visually appealing and highly functional spaces. The walls can host power, technology and various work tools.

Movable walls are more cost effective than traditional construction particularly when future reconfigurations are anticipated. With possible tax benefits and its re-usable nature, wall product has a greater long-term value. Relocating wall product is quicker, cleaner and requires fewer contractors as opposed to the demolition and rebuilding of drywall.

Business Interiors can help you turn your property into a real asset while improving the efficiency of your facility.


Sound masking can increase productivity and improve speech privacy. By transmitting white noise or unobtrusive background sound, noise from adjacent spaces becomes barely audible. Likewise, too much quiet can be distracting. Sound masking adds control of noise within a space.

Business Interiors has additional product solutions and planning ideas that help with the balance of Noise Criteria in your workspace.

Access Flooring

Distribute power, data and voice wiring under the floor. Moves and changes can be made quickly with minimal down time. Low-profile floors provide access with minimal impact (3″) on floor-to-ceiling height. Standard access flooring heights range from 18″-24″.

Business Interiors also represents modular carpet with a broad range of color, patterns and texture. The products work together and are both durable and sustainable.

Technology & Modular Power

An alternative to traditional pipe and wiring systems, pre-manufactured components simply plug together: zone distribution boxes, destination receptacles and branching connectors. Installation is 75% faster and changes can be made quickly with reliable results. Business Interiors provides complete project management and installation services.

Space Division

Natural transitions between individual and team spaces can enhance productivity and encourage collaboration. By incorporating open and enclosed areas, users are given control between work spaces. A fundamental component is also hosting technology with convenient user access. Business Interiors offers a broad range of open, semi-private and private solutions both architectural and furniture based.


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