Interiors that Work for Healthcare Solutions

“Connected Care” Approach

Business Interiors takes a human-centered approach we call “connected care.” Our product applications are designed with people, place and technology in mind.

We have a genuine understanding of the ever-changing healthcare market and its needs. Business Interiors believes surroundings can improve the experience and interactions of patients, providers and partners in care, whether in clinical, behavioral health, assisted living or senior living environments. We use our product knowledge and evidence-based design principles to help customers make conscientious decisions that address the distinct needs of these groups.

Our solutions encompass spaces where patients and caregivers come together to support healing as well as administrative spaces where leaders and supporters work to run an organization.

A Human-Centered Approach
Seeking to understand what people need from the healthcare experience, our insights come from in-depth primary and secondary research and analysis.

Designing for the human factor and creating spaces that:

  • Humanize the care process to promote a compassionate experience
  • Empower people to optimize the clinical encounter
  • Connect everyone involved to support better outcomes

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Like you, we know the right approach to healthcare is a human one. We look forward to sharing ideas with you about the people who support healing and the spaces they need.