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Business Interiors has the diverse disciplines required to help your company maximize its physical space while supporting your people and technology.


We have over 100 installers and 23 trucks and service vehicles. 

By hosting factory trainers on an annual basis, we can ensure our staff maintains the latest techniques and understanding of product development. Our installation crews have represented us well over the decades with an exceptional level of professionalism and customer service. Considerations include:

1) protecting your facility during install —floors, walls and elevators,

2) completing the install with a furniture wipe-down and area vacuum, and

3) returning cardboard and packaging to Business Interiors to recycle.



We supply all move crates, cartons and specialty packing materials, as well as specialized equipment.

Business Interiors coordinates and implements the relocation of “stand alone furnishings,” equipment and personal contents by department or company-wide within the same city or across the country. A Relocation Project Manager (RPM) reviews your company’s needs and together goals are set for a successful move. We then provide a detailed move plan; upon approval, your RPM becomes a single, dependable contact for on-site move supervision, coordinating employees and vendors to execute your specific plan. The plan addresses:

  • Communication/Orientation: Formal meetings are held with key individuals and employees.
  • Packing: Written instructions are provided and assistance is available.
  • Technical Support: Technicians perform detailed inventories and disconnect/re-connect desktop computers, printers and fax machines.
  • Follow-up: Adjustments and crates pick-up.

Service & Refurbishing

Our skilled technicians can work magic on your furniture that still has life but needs a little attention to look good and be in functional condition.

Business Interiors service and refurbishing team represents a broad range of expertise and experience. We select a team or technician based on the size or skills your project requires and provide resources to solve your repair needs in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Custom Services: furniture remanufacturing; fabrication and cabinet work; window treatments
  • Maintenance Programs: scheduled cleaning of panels, upholstered seating, and carpet; application of fabric protectorates; “on call” service for general mechanical repair and parts replacement
  • On-site Services: furniture fitting, repair scratches or nicks in wood and metal surfaces; key cutting and lock replacement; painting
  • Refurbishing: upholstery and modification of panels; lamination and modification of wood surfaces; replacement of workstation, seating, and casegood parts; complete refinishing of wood furniture
Refurbishing Office Furniture

Project Management

Our PMs act as the liaison between your company and the contractors working within your space. 

Business Interiors’ Project Managers coordinate all resources. Once the PM reviews product orders, installation drawings, acknowledgments and ship dates, a working schedule is developed. They streamline communications by conveying your objectives and needs. Their expertise supports smooth implementation of your project and enables timely resolution should a problem arise. Following delivery and install, our PM will make a final inspection with the Facility Manager and then resolve exceptions ensuring total satisfaction of your project.

Project Management

Space Planning

We design engaging and efficient workplaces.

Business Interiors was founded with the idea of our people working with yours to develop a workspace that supports versatility, productivity and image. A company’s branding is critical in an increasingly competitive market and business tools and processes constantly change. We understand the challenges of managing real estate and how today’s workplace must leverage space, people and their tools. 

Asset Management

In addition to storing your furniture, we are able to help your company evaluate its options for current or future planning.

Business Interiors has over 150,000 square feet of secured warehouse space with limited authorized personnel access. Each customer’s inventory is contained and kept in separate bays and each item is individually bar-coded. When possible, like product is stored together to expedite placing and pulling items.

There is 5,000 square feet of transit space available for short-term storage. This reduces the customer’s labor cost by eliminating the time necessary to inventory and rack product.

Asset Management


We understand your commercial flooring should reflect your brand, support daily work, and be easily maintainable providing years of service in your space.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding quality and selection in our flooring solutions and ensuring well-coordinated, on-time installation. We provide options for all your flooring needs including laminate and VCT, stone, tile, wood, and carpet. Integrating your flooring selection with the overall design of your space, our team can provide a complete solution from the floor up.



We can provide both furniture solutions and financial solutions to meet unique needs.

As you navigate decisions about new products for your work, health and learning spaces, you also need to determine a budget, and how to pay for it. Key decisions like these have an impact on physical space and capital investments. There is much to consider and making the right choice can have long term impact. Office furniture financing can have its benefits as well with return on assets. Business Interiors has years of experience helping clients identify financial alternatives that have a positive effect on cash flow, return on equity and return on assets.

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